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Learn which wines to choose for Christmas dinner

Christmas is approaching and many of you are already thinking about what dishes you are going to prepare this year to surprise your family and friends. There is a huge variety of dishes ranging from starters, salads, seafood, fish, meat... to the beloved desserts.

The choice of recipes to prepare such tasty delicacies is very important, but you should bear in mind that a fundamental part of achieving the perfect banquet is the wine pairing, as choosing the wrong wine can detract from the flavour of even the best dishes.

In order for you to learn how to master this task, here are our suggestions for combining gastronomy and wine at Christmas dinners.

bottle wine glass wine pairing


As a general rule, we usually start our meals with light dishes with mild flavours. Similarly, the wine that accompanies them should also be light, because if we add intense flavours at the beginning, everything that is served afterwards, both wine and food, could taste insipid.

These initial dishes are usually light starters such as salads, soups, creams... and a good pairing could be a young white wine or even a red wine crianza.

fork salad plate

But for a surprise, try combining salads, charcuterie or vegetable dishes with a rosé wine.

We propose a young rosé wine: Vivanco Tempranillo - Garnachafresh with a touch of acidity and a fruity finish.

pink vivanco

If we include cheese in these starters, we can combine it with different wines according to the intensity of the flavour, for example, white wine for mild cheeses, red wine crianza for semi-cured cheeses or red reserva for cured cheeses, i.e. the stronger the cheese, the stronger the wine.

A special pairing that we propose is the combination of goat cheese with wine. Collection Vivanco "Maturana Tinta Plots".. Maturana Tinta is a native Riojan variety that is not grown anywhere else in the world. Very balsamic and mineral, this is a red wine of great intensity, elegance and a long aftertaste.

bottle maturana tinta wineSeafood and fish

Another of the typical Christmas delicacies are fish and seafood. Although many people think that only white wines go well with these dishes, on this occasion we are going to propose 2 wines:

Obviously we include a young white wine: Vivanco Viura-Malvasía Tempranillo white wine, a white tempranillo with citrus and fruity aromas, with a very fresh and balanced flavour perfect for blending with the flavours of the sea.


Another special combination to surprise your guests is the pairing of cold seafood such as oysters or lobsters with sweet wine. Collection Vivanco 4 Varietals Sweet Winter Wine. It will not leave anyone indifferent.


Meat and stews

Another of the star Christmas dishes are the typical stews, casseroles or grilled meats. These dishes have very intense and tasty flavours, so we should combine them with full-bodied red wines.

steak dish

A safe bet is Vivanco Reserva. A wine made with Tempranillo and Graciano varieties with fruity notes of cherry and blackberries, perfect to accompany all kinds of meats, stews, game dishes, etc.

The more the intensity of the meat or stew increases in flavour, the more the wine should increase in intensity. For example, to accompany a veal entrecote or beef sirloin, we suggest a wine of great intensity: Collection Vivanco Parcelas de Graciano.




Finally, one of the most awaited moments of the night arrives, the Christmas desserts: polvorones, turrones, marzipan, chocolates... We have already drunk and tasted many types of wines, but we do not have to give them up at the sweetest moment of the dinner. That is why the wines we combine with our desserts must be sweet.

christmas dinner table glasses wine

As with other dishes, in this case we are also going to propose 2 wines:

First of all we recommend (again) the Colección Vivanco 4 Varietales Dulce de Invierno . We recommend serving and tasting it between 10 and 12 °C in order to enjoy it in its full balance of aromas, fine sweetness and freshness.

Although they do not necessarily have to be exclusively sweet wines, for example, the dark chocolate goes very well with a wine red wine of great intensity, as the Collection Vivanco Garnacha Plots.Screenshot_8

If you like chocolate a lot, how about organising a small tasting of chocolates paired with wines? It can be a very special way to present your desserts. If you want to know how to pair different types of chocolate with different wines, click here.

Don't be afraid to experiment and try new combinations until you achieve the perfect marriage for your palate.


Do you know any special combination? Share it with us

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  1. Very good article, people only seem to focus on knowing which type of wine is good for meat and which is good for fish, but of course for Christmas dinner with so many starters, seafood and desserts things change, thanks for the information.


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