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5 advantages of solo travel and practical tips for enjoying your trip

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Travelling is always a pleasure. So is travelling alone. Although most of the time we usually share our trip with our partner, with a family member or with a friend, more and more people are taking the plunge into solo travel. Travelling alone adds a new dimension to our trips, giving them an extra touch of intensity and making the experience a personal one. Any excuse is a good excuse to travel, to get to know other places, other cultures, other people... And not having someone to do it with is no longer an excuse. Therefore, today we will see 5 advantages of travelling alone and some tips we can follow to improve our experience when travelling alone. Let's go!

5 advantages of travelling alone

1. Travelling solo is the freest way to travel

Travelling alone allows you to make all the decisions according to your needs and interests. Decide the destination, the routes and excursions you will take along the way, choose the accommodation, the means of transport, where to eat, adjust the travel budget... Travelling alone is ideal to make the most of the travel experience and the possibilities offered by each destination.. There will be no activities to do out of compromise, no visits that you don't really want to do. From time to time it is good to be able to stop and think about what we would like to do ourselves and, simply, to do it.

2. Travelling alone is ideal for meeting people

Travelling alone does not have to be synonymous with feeling lonely during the trip, nor does it have to be boring. In fact, travelling solo is the best way to meet people during your trip or once you are at your chosen destination. Often, the people around us during a trip (friends, partner, family...) are perceived, unintentionally, as a barrier by the rest of the people. Travelling solo allows us to engage in casual conversation with other travellers who are in the same situation as us. You can also get to know the people who live in the place you are going to visit. We just have to keep an open mind and give chance to chance interactions with the people around us.

3. Travelling alone enhances self-awareness

When we travel alone, we must deal with all aspects of the trip individually: pre-planning, making concrete decisions, dealing with unforeseen events... But also, travelling alone facilitates moments for inner reflection. In this way, the experience of travelling alone can be much more profound and transformative. Not only will we move to another place, but we will also embark on a small inner journey.

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4. Travelling alone to dwell more on details

Solitude facilitates inner reflection, but it also gives us the necessary pause to look around us with different eyes. Sitting in a café or a park and observing our surroundings, how the local people go about their daily lives, what the rhythm of life is like in these places, can give us a much deeper understanding of the destination. This will turn our trip into a truly personal experience: we will not visit a destination, but we will live a place.

5. Travelling solo is saying yes to adventure

In general, it is not that we are going to undertake a solo expedition through the Amazon jungle, but any solo trip has a greater component of adventure or challenge than a trip in company, whatever the destination. In these situations, the uncertainty becomes greater, as there is no one at our side who can offer us answers or solve a particular setback. How will we respond to a particular circumstance? Travelling alone will allow us to know, within a controlled situation, what our limits are.

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Some useful tips for solo travel

As we can see, travelling alone offers a series of advantages that make this type of travel an experience that we should give a chance. If we decide to take the plunge, we must be aware that the entire burden of planning and organising the trip will also fall on us, so it is very useful to keep in mind a series of simple tips to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Some of these tips for a solo trip are as follows:

  • Plan your trip well

If we are travelling alone, no one can do that for us. We will have to organise our trip well and inform ourselves properly about the destination we are going to visit, the places where we are going to stay, the points of interest we cannot miss, places to eat or dine, etc. The more we know about the place to visit beforehand, the better we will be able to make the most of our time there.

  • Getting the most out of your mobile

The smartphonessmartphones, rather than phones, are small personal computers with an Internet connection. We can prepare our device before the trip to get the most out of it once on the road. Weather apps, translators and dictionaries for offline use, currency conversion apps, maps and geolocation apps for points of interest... The uses of a mobile phone while travelling are endless.

  • Frequenting public places

Travelling alone does not mean being isolated. If you want to meet people, there is nothing better than visiting places like cafés, restaurants, museums or parks. With an open mind and a smile on your face, conversations will come almost by themselves.

  • Travelling light

It is also valid for our trips in company, but it is even more necessary when we are travelling alone, as we cannot divide the load as we wish. Before starting the trip we must decide what our luggage is going to be, leaving aside everything that is not essential. We will reserve a fixed place for our most valuable belongings, to prevent them from getting lost and to be able to check them easily and quickly: mobile phone, camera, tickets and tickets, documentation, money... If we are going to share rooms in hostels or guest houses, carrying a small padlock with us will be very useful if we need to secure our suitcase or backpack.

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  • Open mind and proactive attitude

To make the most of our solo travels we must keep an open mind and be willing to say yes to doing new or different things: group activities and excursions, courses, workshops, visits to exhibitions, tours...

  • Staying connected

Nowadays it is possible to stay connected to another person from almost anywhere in the world via the Internet. If we are travelling alone, it is very useful to always be in contact with a couple of people we trust, to inform them of our current whereabouts or our travel plans. If we have any unforeseen events, that person will be able to locate us or get in touch with us.

  • Books and music

Books and music are always good company. When we travel alone, they will help us to occupy the idle time during the trip: travelling, queues, time for formalities, rest times... A good read or a few minutes of music every day will enrich our travel experience.

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  • Important documents

Whenever we travel, especially if we are travelling alone, it is important that we carry our documents with us: ID card, passport, health card, etc. To avoid problems due to loss or misplacement, it is always a good idea to keep equivalent documents in different places, to avoid losing them all at once. It can also be very useful to make a digital copy of all these documents and store them in the cloud or send them to us by email.

  • Travel insurance, vaccinations and medical check-ups

Before travelling alone, it is best to have a routine check-up to ensure that our health is also in good health. If we are visiting exotic places, we should also find out if we need to take any vaccinations and, in general, the medical recommendations regarding the visit to our specific destination. In general, taking out good travel insurance is always a good way to have a higher level of cover in case we have any kind of health or other problems along the way.

Alone or in company, welcome to Vivanco

If you are determined to embark on your next solo trip and you only have to choose the destination, why not come and visit us in complete safety? Vivanco is the first tourist destination in La Rioja, so if you like to travel and you like wine, you can't miss the chance to come and meet us. For your peace of mind, the whole team at Vivanco, we have worked hard tofor ensure the protection of all users who come to visit us. For this, we have implemented all the anti Covid-19 interpersonal security measures in our facilities. If you want to know our security protocol, you can consult it here.

Whether you come alone or accompanied, we offer you a lot of unique wine tourism plans and experiences, which you can book here.

We are waiting for you!

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