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6 YouTube channels for winelovers


Hands up who hasn't wasted some time watching videos, one after the other, on YouTube. In fact, this is a fairly common habit, as 1/3 of the time people spend online is spent watching videos on YouTube. Founded in 2005 (acquired by Google in 2006 for $1.65 billion) YouTube is currently the most widely used video hosting platform on the Internet.

In little more than a decade, YouTube has become a virtually inexhaustible source of online entertainment and information (with more than 1 billion active users). But it is also a powerful marketing tool for advertisers and youtubers.

As in any other sector, in recent years, channels specifically dedicated to wine have been proliferating, either as a market or as a cultural sphere. Wineries, critics, institutions or youtubers specialised in wine and gastronomy are increasingly active on our screens, both in Spain and internationally. Here are some of them we present a small selection of Spanish YouTube channels that you can't miss if you are a true winelover.

1. Decanted Collective

The #Instacatas have been taking the Internet by storm for some time now. Behind these video tutorials in the form of funny pills (their duration can be even less than a minute) is Decanted Collective. Santiago Rivas is its visible face and it has already become a youtuber of reference for the winelovers in Spain.

This project was born seven years ago, from the need to explain the Culture of Wine in a fresh, direct and Vino culture in a fresh, direct way, with a great sense of humour, far from technicalities and excessive seriousness. Its key to success lies in its ability to combine passion with fun. As Santiago himself explains in an interview with Ruth Troyano: "I am not an oenologist, I have no technical training, I am purely empirical. I've been drinking wine obsessively for 20 years. But let's face it, the oenologists I know communicate regularly, it's not their profession either, although almost all of them involved in disseminating the wine don't do it very well... when it's not a real disaster".

2. PlusVino

PlusVino is the YouTube channel of the homonymous blogwhich was founded in 2012 by Adolfo FernándezAdolfo Fernández, a sommelier with a degree from the Spanish Tasting School. Active since 2104, this channel is one of the most important Spanish-speaking YouTube channels. PlusVino is currently a "digital ecosystem" dedicated to wine, with a strong presence in social networks and more than 100 videos published.

In the words of Adolfo, it is "a project to disseminate and promote the world of wine that has allowed me to learn and meet wonderful people, as well as to devote myself entirely to my passion".. In addition to the videos and the dissemination work, PlusVino offers consultancy services and wine list design to hotel and catering businesses, as well as educational, recreational or home tastings.

3. Wine Territory

This is the channel of Javi ManzanoJavi Manzano, oenologist from Valladolid, professional winemaker and video blogger. His videos show us the world of wine and its culture in a simple and entertaining way. Among other things, Manzano is the author of the book Making wine is easy (2016), in which he explains, with the same friendly and fun attitude, the keys to the how and why of the wine trade.

4. The best of Rioja wine

This is the video version of the portal lomejordelvinoderioja.comThe video version of the portal, which specialises in wine and focuses on news about tastings, tasting of new wines, wineries, advice, etc. As is well known, La Rioja is one of the most important wine regions in Spain, where the first Qualified Designation of Origin was granted and some of the most internationally famous wines are produced here.

5. Vivanco

If we continue talking about La Rioja, we can't fail to mention the YouTube channel of Vivanco. In addition to being one of the most outstanding wine tourism complexes in the region thanks to its Winery and Museum, Vivanco is also well known internationally for its activity in education and dissemination of Wine Culture as a civilising element. Considered as the Best Wine Museum in the World according to the WTO (World Tourism Organization), the Museum Vivanco of Wine Culture was born from the intuition of Pedro Vivanco and the passion he was able to transmit to his sons Santiago and Rafael for this millenary drink.

The Museum now occupies a surface area of 4,000 m2, including 5 permanent exhibition rooms, a temporary exhibition room and, outside, the Bacchus Garden, a collection of vines with more than 220 varieties from all over the world.

6. Foods & Wines From Spain

If you want to know how the extraordinary Spanish food and wine culture is promoted and perceived in the world, you will surely be interested in following the channel Spanish food and wine cultureyou will probably be interested in following the channel Foods & Wines from Spain. It belongs to the portal created in 2011 by ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones, a public business entity whose mission is to promote the internationalisation of Spanish companies and attract foreign investment to Spain.

Through this channel, information is provided to promote and facilitate the projection of Spanish companies in foreign markets.

What do you think of this list of YouTube channels related to the world of wine? If you found them interesting and want to know more, you can't miss out on subscribing to keep up to date with all the information they share.

Nicola Mariani
Sociologist, blogger and independent art critic. Expert in Sociology of Consumption and digital content, specialising in culture and the art market. In 2009 he founded the blog, dedicated to art criticism, with a special focus on emerging art and the exhibition scene in Madrid. He writes for several specialised magazines. She has worked as Head of Digital Content for Durán Arte y Subastas and Durán Online Gallery and has given lectures and workshops. He has collaborated with numerous online editorial projects, such as Madriz, The Art Market Agency, Artribune, Latamuda, Masdearte, Input Magazine, ARCO Bloggers, Fundación MAPFRE's Art Collections blog, Donde acaba Madrid (photoblog for El Mundo newspaper), Streaming Egos (Goethe Institut blog), LABlog (LABoral blog), NYR, Ensayos Absolut by PAC, Absolut Network, or among many others.


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We want to share the Wine Culture with you.

You will receive our monthly newsletter, in which we will inform you about exclusive offers, wine tips and news about Wine Culture.