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Blog Vivanco: #WineCulture
In the blog of Vivanco, we understand wine as a way of life, from an innovative and energetic perspective, offering you a unique experience around the Culture of Wine.
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Wine, as part of our culture, has been a source of inspiration for artists since time immemorial.

In this compilation of Ways of Telling the Story of Wine Culture, Cultura Inquieta takes us by the hand on an inspiring journey through films, literary works and musical pieces, where wine is the protagonist. Will you join us?


Cinema loves wine and wine loves cinema. It is a symbiotic relationship that fulfils the perfect marriage between two of life's greatest pleasures.

In this video, we review with Silvia García, from Cultura Inquieta, the best film stories where wine has played a leading role.

From Éric Rohmer to Ridley Scott, we review these five films, for those who, like Fellini, enjoy cinema as much as the art of drinking good wine:

  • Between Drinks (Alexander Payne, 2004): tells the story of Miles, a frustrated novelist and wine lover, and Jack, his best friend from college, now a failed actor, as they travel through the vineyards of Santa Barbara.
  • The Year of the Comet (Peter Yates, 1992): a fun adventure comedy in which winemaker Margaret Harwood is on a mission to find the most expensive bottle of wine in history.
  • Autumn Tale (Éric Rohmer, 1998): Magali is a widowed woman who lives devoted to tending her vineyards. The plot of the story tells how her friends try their best to help her find love again.
  • A Good Year (Ridley Scott, 2006): tells the story of the new life of Max, a financial expert, who travels to Provence to sell a vineyard he has just inherited.
  • Mondovino (Jonathan Nossitar, 2004): a magnificent documentary that tells the story of the conflict in the wine industry between old Europe and the United States.


Wine has acted as a faithful companion to many of the most important poets and playwrights in our history. In this Cultura Inquieta video, we will talk about the influence that wine has had on some of the most important writers in the world.

  • "In vino veritas": Pliny the Elder's proverb meaning "in wine there is truth", which appears in volume 14 of his work "Natural History", an issue dedicated to vines and wine.
  • "Tus cartas son un vino que me trastorna y son el único alimento para mi corazón": this fragment can be found in "Cartas a Josefina", by Miguel Hernández. Words that have inspired Joan Manuel Serrat to compose his song "Tus cartas son un vino".
  • Alexandre Dumas said "Food is the material part of nourishment, but wine is the spiritual part of our nourishment". The French playwright used to write always accompanied by a good glass of red wine to find inspiration.
  • "Wine flows red through the generations, like the river of time, and on the arduous road it lavishes us with its music, its fire and its lions". José Luis Borges dedicates a few lines to this drink in his "Sonnet of wine".
  • Pablo Neruda, in his work "Odas elementales", pays homage to the great pleasures of life such as bread and wine. The manuscript of "Ode to Wine" can be found at the Wine Documentation Centre Vivanco.

Part of these stories can be found in the book "El cáliz de las letras" (Editorial Vivanco).


Wine and music are two of life's great pleasures. Like other arts, great musical works have been inspired by wine.

  • "Days of Wine & Roses", Henri Manicini (1964): Oscar-winning piece composed for the film of the same name by Blake Edwards. Versioned by many artists, Cultura Inquieta are unconditional fans of Marvin Gaye's fabulous version.
  • "Red Red Wine", Neil Diamond (1967): this great song talks about drinking wine as a solution to relieve heart pain. Although the original song is by Neil Diamond, and the most famous version belongs to UB40, Cultura Inquieta recommends the interpretation by Tony Tribe, from Rocksteady.
  • "Summer Wine": written by Lee Hazlewood in 1966 and originally performed by the author accompanied by Suzi Jane Hokom, this song became world famous thanks to the version Lee Hazlewood did with Nancy Sinatra in 1967.
  • "Días de vino y rosas", La Habitación Roja (2010): song with which the Spanish indie band pays homage to the film "Días de vino y rosas".
  • "Wine in the afternoon", Franz Ferdinanz (2016): ode by the Scottish band to the small pleasures of life.
  • "Mexican Wine", Fountais of Wayne (2003): the New York band was inspired by the famous wines of Baja California to compose this song.


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We want to share the Wine Culture with you.

You will receive our monthly newsletter, in which we will inform you about exclusive offers, wine tips and news about Wine Culture.