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Discover the route of the dinosaurs of La Rioja

When we think of the autonomous region of La Rioja, we immediately associate it with a product: wine. Wine has become a hallmark of the region's identity. And thanks to the boom in wine tourism in Spain in recent years, wine has also become one of the main reasons to visit La Rioja, the land of wine par excellence in our country. But, although wine is a wonderful excuse to visit La Rioja, it is not the only one.

Rural tourism, nature, the great architectural legacy... The attractions that make more and more visitors choose La Rioja as a tourist destination are endless. And perhaps one of the most special and unknown are the dinosaurs. More than a hundred million years ago these fascinating reptiles roamed the landscapes of La Rioja. On the route of the dinosaurs of La Rioja we can get to know the specimens that inhabited the region, what their day-to-day life was like and we can even see their fossil remains and footprints.

Wine and dinosaurs. A peculiar and unique pairing that makes La Rioja an ideal destination to enjoy with the family, where children and adults will take away unforgettable memories.


dinosaur footprints stone


Several towns in La Rioja have remains left by dinosaurs. In Munilla, Arnedillo, Cornego and Igea you can find different sites where you can observe the famous fossilised ichnites, authentic dinosaur footprints marked on the rock.

dinosaur footprints la rioja

 Autor: Jynus


dinosaur footprints

 Author: Jynus


But of all the possible routes, perhaps the best known and essential is the Enciso Dinosaur Trail. This is a walk of approximately six kilometres along which we can find some of the best-preserved dinosaur remains in Europe. Starting in Enciso, the town that gives its name to the route, it runs along the Cidacos river valley, passing through three of the most important ichnite sites in La Rioja: the Virgen del Campo site, the La Senoba site and the Valdecillo site.

dinosaur ichnites on top of dinosaurs

 Ichnites in Enciso. Author: Txo


A large part of the route can be done by car, up to the final stretch that reaches the Valdecillo archaeological site. This part of the route must be done on foot. However, it is a fairly easy path to follow and is suitable for the whole family. Furthermore, the path is well signposted, with information about the sites and educational models. The themed leisure areas are another of the attractions that will delight the little ones along the route.


And, if after this route we want to broaden our experience and learn more about the dinosaurs that inhabited La Rioja, we can't miss El Barranco Perdido, a "paleoadventure" park located in the town of Enciso, which opens its doors from April to October in good weather. El Barranco Perdido has a museum, a multi-adventure circuit, workshops and even a "Cretaceous beach". All of this, of course, set in that primitive land of La Rioja that was home to dinosaurs.

lost ravine park

lost ravine la rioja

lost canyon dinosaurs

And as a visit to La Rioja cannot leave out the world of wine, what better place to visit than the centuries-old town of Briones to visit the Museum Vivanco of Wine Culture. A unique place in the world where we can contemplate an outline of everything that a product such as wine has meant for the culture of mankind. And here, once again, the little ones can imagine, enjoy and learn in the Kids workshops organised by the Foundation Vivanco. Undoubtedly, an unmissable stop on any visit to La Rioja that will remain in the memory of the little ones, while the grown-ups enjoy themselves like children.

children vineyards

children games wine

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  1. A beauty this article, I came across it while researching the topic I read about in Garcés Blázquez's book 🙂


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