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How to clean your crystal glasses correctly?

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Crystal glasses are an essential component if you want to enjoy a good wine in the best way. Having theright quality cups is the first step. But it is also very important to take care of them properly, as they are very delicate and without proper maintenance they could deteriorate. For this reason and so that they keep the best aesthetic appearance, it is necessary to follow certain habits when washing them.

If you want to know how to clean your crystal glasses so that they retain all the charm and quality of the first day, here we tell you the keys to achieve it.

To wash them, always very delicately

Glass goblets are much more delicate than most of the tableware and crockery you have at home.. That's why they deserve extra attention when it comes to cleaning them. But don't worry, because this task can be done easily with a little extra care and by applying some guidelines that we are going to tell you about below:

  • Manipulation

First of all, if you are going to wash them by hand, do not hold them by the stem. This is a very easy way to get the calyx to break, because if you hold the calyx by the stem, it is possible that the stem will break. when you go to clean the chalice exercisesmore pressure than necessary and it breaks. It is better to hold it by the lower part of the calyx, encircling it with your fingers and always without pressing too hard.

stemmed wine glasses

  • Water temperature

Another aspect you should take care of when preparing your glasses is the temperature of the water. If you want to wash your crystal glasses by hand, it is best to wash them with lukewarm water. Although hot water may be more effective, the temperature can also cause the glass to break.

  • Cleaning utensils

The material you use to clean them is also essential. Avoid scouring pads and use a sponge instead. It is enough to remove the wine marks and, being softer, it will not scratch the surface of the chalice.

The most recommended products for washing crystal glasses

  • Cleaning products

You are probably wondering whether you need to buy a special soap or detergent to clean your crystal glasses. Our strongest recommendation is that you try to do without cleaning products. With water and a sponge should be more than enough to make the glasses perfect.. If you prefer to use a soap, look for one that is neutral and don't use it in large quantities, just enough to get the glasses clean.

  • When to clean them?

To make it easier for you to clean your crystal glasses properly, it is best to clean them immediately after use. This way, cleaning will be easier y quicker. If you don't have time to do this after use, we recommend soaking them in lukewarm water to remove the larger debris. If you haven't been able to soak them either, leave them for a few minutes in water with a little white vinegar.

shaded wine glasses

How to dry crystal glasses after washing them

It has happened to all of us that after washing our wine glasses, small water marks have remained on the glass. These stains are more unsightly than unhygienic, but they do not look good. The best way to dry glass glasses is to do it in steps:

  1. Leave them to dry upside down on a cloth. In this way, the water will run down and the cloth will absorb the moisture.
  2. When there are no more drops, wipe the goblet with another dry cloth to remove any water residue. If you can't reach all the inner parts of the goblet, you can help yourself with a wooden utensil you have in the kitchen; this way you won't damage the glass.
  3. Last but not least, if you want to get an extra touch of shineyou can put a pan of boiling water in the pan and place the glasses upside down over the steam that emanates from the pan. The inside of the glass will then fill with steam and you can dry them with a microfibre cloth.

And to wash the crystal glasses in the dishwasher...

Although it is not our preferred option, if you decide to clean them with this option, we would also like to give you some recommendations to reduce the risk of breakage:

  1. Place the glasses in the dishwasher in a firm place to prevent them from moving or bumping into each other or other utensils.
  2. Try not to use dishes or dishes with greasy residues in the same wash. In this way, you will be able to apply a shorter and gentler wash programme, with little detergent and with water that is not too hot.
  3. Finally, do not add drying to the programme you are going to use and open the dishwasher as soon as possible to remove the glasses and let them air dry, just as you would if you were washing them by hand.

We hope you have found these tips useful and that you can apply them to care for and clean your crystal glasses like a true professional.

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We want to share the Wine Culture with you.

You will receive our monthly newsletter, in which we will inform you about exclusive offers, wine tips and news about Wine Culture.