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The 10 best museums in La Rioja

museum exhibition room

Travelling always broadens the mind. Seeing different places, admiring nature... and if the journey also brings a lot to the mind, we return home fuller. cultural richnesswe return home fuller of knowledge.

La Rioja is an ideal place for this complete trip, because there are many museums in the region. museums worth a stop. We tell you which are the most interesting ones.

Avant-garde art

At the European level, the Würth collectionfrom Germany, is one of the most important collections of collection, the most important in terms of contemporary art collection of contemporary art from Germany. Professor Reinhold Würth began to collect it in the 1960s. That is why the Würth Museum is worth a stop.

The location, at first sight, is striking: in an industrial estate on the outskirts of Logroño. But it makes a lot of sense. The idea is fusing the concept of cultural space and businessbecause the Würth Group is an international multinational manufacturer of equipment for professionals from different disciplines. The one in Logroño is the only exhibition space the company has in Spain.

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A bit of science

In this case the The patrons were Iberdrola and the researcher Santiago Jiménez. They made possible the birth of the Museum of Natural Sciences of ArnedoThe Museum of Natural Sciences, which has been in existence for almost half a century. Here you can see many pieces of minerals and fossils from the paleoicnological heritage of La Rioja. In fact, in what used to be the palace's cellar you can see the materials researched during the last thirty years in different deposits.

Wine Culture

In Briones you can find our Museum Vivanco de la Cultura del Vino The museum consists of more than 4,000 square metres and 6 exhibition rooms (one outside) in which the artistic collection of the family Vivanco is displayed. It houses a multitude of artistic works related to wine, from different disciplines. Drom sculpture and painting to archaeologyand with works by artists such as Sorolla, Warhol, Picasso, Chillida and Barceló, among others. In our Museum you can discover how wine has evolved throughout the many cultures of history. The Museum Vivanco of Wine Culture is considered by the UNWTO as the "Best Wine Museum in the World".

Vegetables and their history

Another interesting museum in La Rioja is the Vegetable Museum. It is divided into six exhibition areas where, in an interactive way, different aspects of the region are shown, from land and agriculture to gastronomy. the most important vegetables of Calahorra The museum is divided into six exhibition areas where, in an interactive way, different aspects of the region -where it is located- are shown, from the land and agriculture to gastronomy. It also provides information about the importance of horticultural products in a healthy diet.




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Entering the house of our ancestors

The Enchanted House is an intriguing place to say the least, a sort of 18th century IKEA, although nothing is for sale. In this palace of the Marquis of San Nicolás de BrionesThe baroque style building recreates the Rioja customs of past centuries. There you can stroll among domestic objects and trousseaus that were part of the daily life of our ancestors. ancestors.

The ins and outs of La Rioja

Also in a baroque building from the 18th century is situated the Museum of La Riojaknown as the Espartero Palace. It was the general's place of retirement after leaving politics and houses important collections of paintings and sculpture, as well as ethnographic and archaeological items.

A very large space, more than 3,000 square metres of museum spacewhich accommodates travelling exhibitions, permanent exhibitions, a shop and a library.. It even contains deposits from the Prado Museum.

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Photography and video

In the historic centre of Logroño you will find The House of the Imagethe temple of the photography and video, the evolution of what in the 80s was born as the Cámara Oscura gallery. It is a cultural centre where historical and contemporary materials are accumulated, which can be admired in the exhibition gallery or by rummaging through the archive. It also houses, among other things, a laboratory, a recording studio, a library and a specialised shop.

A bit of politics

In Torrecilla en Cameros, a village to the south of Logroño, was born Práxedes Mateo Sagastaan engineer, journalist and politician of the Liberal Party, President of Spain at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. There in his village, in the Sagasta SpaceThe life and work of the engineer and his attempts to modernise the country are explained in more depth in his village.

It is a permanent exhibition that covers everything from his childhood to the various professional areas in which he worked, as well as something of his character and private life.

About watches

The Clock Tower Museum is located, of course, in the Clock Tower, in San Vicente de la SonsierraIt is considered a reference point for monumental watchmaking in La Rioja. The exhibition tour takes the visitor through the different steps of the manufacturing processes and operation of these clocks. And the crowning touch is at the top of the tower: a observatory with great views and a voluminous Town Hall clock that was built in 1675.


This is the museum that travels the furthest back in history, not only in La Rioja, but also in the whole planet. Because the Paleontological Interpretation Centre of La Rioja, in Igea, in the south-east of the province, it explains how life was created the Earth and life in it before the appearance of humans. That's why it welcomes you with impressive models of dinosaurs.

And it also benefits from its privileged location, between rich deposits of international importance.

As you can see, La Rioja has museums for all tastesWhich one do you choose?

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