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How to cool a bottle of wine quickly?


Summer is here - and now it's really here - and the heatwave is making us search like crazy for anything that can cool us down. Also when it comes to eating and drinking. So here are a few tips for enjoying a good wine at a temperature that makes us feel as if we were taking a dip, that is to say, at the right temperature to drink it to enjoy its flavour to the full. We are talking specifically about white and rosé wines such as the Viura Tempranillo White-Maturana Blanca or Tempranillo-Garnacha Tinta and Blanca. Because it is important to know that, if they are drunk warmer or colder than recommended, they can spoil their original flavour and aromas. And we will also tell you about some tricks to speed up the cooling process of the bottle.

The ice bucket with salt

This is a fairly popular and well-known way of cooling wine, but it is more effective if you apply an important detail that not everyone knows. To cool bottles of wine in a quick and easy way, the best way is to take an ice bucket -if we don't have one, a pot can be useful-.... and fill it with ice and cold water. But here comes the key to cool wine in less time: add to water a tablespoon of salt and mix it all together. We put the bottle in and in approximately 5 minutes it will be ready to drink.

Why do we add salt? Because it allows the cold to be transmitted in less time and the temperature of the water to drop sooner. In other words, the mixture of salt and water absorbs the heat from the bottle and so the cold from the ice is transmitted more quickly to the wine.

Using paper towels

This applies to wine bottles, but also to any other bottle containing liquid. Remember that never, never, never put wine directly into the freezer.It is not advisable to put ice in the glass to prevent the wine from going sour and spoiling the taste. But you can put it in the freezer with this trick.

Take kitchen paper and roll the bottle in it.and you're ready to serve. Wet it and make sure the paper is well stuck. Put the bottle rolled up in the paper in the freezer and wait for 10-15 minutes. and it is ready to serve. The previous method is more advisable because it preserves the properties of the wine intact, but if you don't have ice at hand, this is an option to consider.

Grapes instead of ice cubes

As we have already mentioned, ice cubes in the glass can spoil the taste of the wine, but there is another method that cools and does not affect the taste and aromas, although you have to be a little foresighted. Take note: you take a few You can also add the grapes and freeze them beforehand.. Then, when you want to drink a glass of wine that has to be served at low temperatures, add the 'grape cubes' to the glass and you're ready to go. It will give off a little water through the layer of ice that may cover the fruit, but nowhere near the same amount as an ice cube. It will also give it a slightly fruitier flavour.


Using a bottle cooler or cooler sleeve

As with the previous methods, the use of a cooler can modify the taste and aroma of the wine, so it is best to make sure by reading the label on each bottle beforehand of the temperature required for any wine. These bottle coolers are very economical and useful. You only have to put it in the freezer with enough time so that, when the time comes, you only have to take it out of the freezer and put the bottle in it. Nowadays there are a multitude of coolers, some of the most sophisticated, which even allow you to regulate the temperature level depending on the type of wine.

cooler -vivanco-wine-white


But leaving these little tricks aside, it is important to bear in mind that The best thing to do is to keep the bottle of wine at the right temperature in each case.The wine should be stored in a cool place such as a fridge, in a wine cellar, in a wine cellar... That is to say, in a cool place such as the fridge, in a wine cellar, in a wine cellar... It all depends on the type of wine. However, we cannot overlook the fact that this type of solution can only get you out of trouble on more than one occasion.

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