Winter in the Museum. Breathing ideas

We invite to shelter you from the cold of the winter, to lose you in the plot of our tapestries...

Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture is a place full of treasures that never ceases to surprise us. Walking through its rooms, we found inspiration in every corner and we told Paula, a girl who came to visit us, "breathing ideas".

With this so appealing starting point, we invite you to take refuge from the cold of winter in a painting by Picasso, to keep warm your hands on the bonfire that bend the staves of the barrels... but, above all, we invite you to miss in the plot of our tapestries, to entangle you in the threads that weave The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne. A tapestry from the end of the 16TH century, which tells the love story between el Vino de Dios and the daughter of King Minos. Observe the Tapestry and interpret it through our own experience.

These activities will take place along all December Bridge (3 to 11, 17 and 24 December) and during the first week of January (2 to 5 and 7 January) at 11:00 to 15:00 hours.

We hope to autonomous children older than three years who want to see the Museum with curious eyes.

Come and Meet us
Carretera Nacional 232, 26330. Briones - La Rioja. Spain

Winery: +34 941 322 013 / winery@vivancowineculture.com

Foundation: +34 941 322 330 / foundation@vivancowineculture.com

Experiences: +34 941 322 323 / experiences@vivancowineculture.com

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