Buds, leaves and flowers

After several months of lethargy, spring begins with the first shoots of the vine, which will lead to new shoots and leaves. The leaves will be responsible for carrying out photosynthesis, by which the plant will obtain energy to grow and to develop bunches of grapes rich in sugars.

Spring, as is well known, is also the time of flowers and how could it be otherwise, our vineyards will also bloom.

From the Vivanco Kids space, we will visit the Garden of Bacchus, as well as some points of the vineyard. In them we can observe, depending on the moment, their buds, flowers, different species of insects ... And not to lose detail, we will use the magnifying glasses.

We will also visit different points of the Museum, placing more emphasis on our audiovisual on the seasons in the vineyard, in the different didactic spaces and in the corkscrew exhibition.
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