Children should also reach out to the Culture of Wine. To learn its traditions, to use its elements as creative material, to interact with each other to discover the land, the history, the why of things. We have been working for two years with all the schools in La Rioja providing a Wine Culture educational workshop for children. In addition, every Saturday we hold specific workshops for children to experience and come closer to this wonderful world.

Book your place at the workshop by sending an email to kids@vivancoculturadevino.es

Buds, leaves and flowers



Creative Workshop

All educational and cultural programs of Vivanco Kids are the result of observation, research and cooperation.

We are sensitive to the changes taking place in the world, so that all the workshops are constantly evolving to adapt to the new needs of the society to which we direct our work.

We want to share experiences in family, discover the Wine Culture through the Museum's collections and experiment with different techniques and materials in our workshops.

Creative workshoops for schools

Learning and assimilating dense concepts is much more productive and even rewarding for children, when accompanied by a game, fun, or graphic media with sufficient educational autonomy to set off the imagination of the students.

Starting from this premise, the idea is to bring the Museum closer to schools with simple educational activities programmed for all age groups in the school.

Therefore, there are three totally different models of activities so the school can choose the one that best suits its educational needs.

Special dates workshops

For bank holidays and special dates, we suggest a creative space in which children can come closer to winery materials from a playful and educational point of view (transforming objects with corks and capsules; wine as pictorial substance; barrel staves with infinite possibilities; bottle decoration and label design, etc.). They will be in charge of their game for an hour and a half, which is the time it takes for the activity carried out by their parents. These workshops have a symbolic price of €3.

Winter in Vineyard


Autumn and grape harvest




Come and Meet us
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We want to share with you the Culture of Wine

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